Temporary Dumpster Rental's

Whether you are remodeling a home, cleaning out an old storage, or just picking up around your location, we have a temporary rental to fit your needs!

Initial One Time Fee

Our temporary dumpster rental rates vary by sizes. Each inital fee covers the following:

MO-ARK Disposal dropping off the container to your premises

1 (one) Container Dump (after you have filled it)

MO-ARK Disposal removing the container from your premises and returning it to the yard

Find your size!

Here is a list of containers that we service for temporary services as well as the initial one time fee. *There is an additional charge if you choose to dump a container more than the single dump that is covered in the initial fee*

2-yard Dumpster - Not available for temporary rental

4-yard Dumpster - $225.00 - initial fee - $150.00 - additional dump

6-yard Dumpster - $275.00 - initial fee - $200.00 - additional dump

8-yard Dumpster - $325.00 - initial fee - $250.00 - additional dump